What will I expect the day of my event?

I will arrive on site early to unload, set up and tune. I will briefly meet with your day-of coordinator to confirm the starting cues.

What will the musician(s) wear for my event?

Cocktail black attire unless the client specifies something else in advance.

How many ceremony songs are usually played during a ceremony?

Apart from the prelude music, I typically perform 3-4 songs for the processional & recessional.

What size string ensemble is best for my event? (Yes, you can ask me about hiring other instrumentalists as well!)

There are a few variables involved with ensemble size; guest count, whether your venue is indoor or outdoor, the songs you want played, etc. I'd be happy to offer my insight on this to make sure you’ve got the right size group!

Do the musician(s) attend wedding rehearsals?

Generally, the musicians do not attend wedding rehearsals.

Can the musician(s) perform new songs that are not on your Music Playlist?

Absolutely! Please note an additional fee would apply to cover the cost of obtaining new sheet music.

Can the instrument(s) be amplified?

Yes! Kelsey has an acoustic cello that can be amplified, but also an electric cello. Both give an extra boost of sound, and this is especially helpful at larger venues or if your guest count is high.

I’m not sure what songs I want played during my ceremony. Do you offer recommendations?

Yes! I am happy to send you a list of song suggestions and recommendations that work great for wedding ceremonies. I have a classical/traditional list of songs as well as a contemporary list I made specifically for weddings.

Do I need to supply anything for the musician(s) on the day of the event?

Please provide one armless chair per musician. If your musicians are booked for more than one location, please ensure there are chairs provided at each location (like for performing at the ceremony and then cocktail hour).

Do you take breaks?

For longer services, I will take breaks. The number of breaks is determined by the on-site service time.

How will the musician(s) know when to start and stop my ceremony songs?

I will receive ceremony cues from your day-of coordinator. So that the music is played at the correct time, I keep an eye on the ceremony & coordinator while performing to watch for ceremony cues.

Do I need to know how long each ceremony song is to practice walking down the aisle?

Not at all, I will accommodate to your walking speed in the moment without any awkward pauses or abrupt stops in the music.

How do I inquire about availability and pricing for my event?

Send me an email to request musician availability and pricing for a specific date, time and location.

Do you travel?

Yes! My rates will have built in travel fees based on your event’s location.

What kind of payment do you accept?

I accept Venmo, Paypal, check, or cash. A deposit is required to reserve. Terms of payment will be discussed at booking.